Waxing is such a skill, and is a concern if you do not know what you are looking for and how you should be treated.  I often hear that clients have had a terrible experience, a so called beauty therapist has brushed them, hurt them and it was very painful.  This tells me they have not been on a course, studied waxing and do not have a clue about the wax they are using.

Why am I different?

Experience, advanced waxing courses, with every wax course available.  Again when I decided to take on waxing I went on every course available, worked with every wax and learnt from the best trainers from around the world.  After sourcing every wax and trialling them myself, I have decided to work with the amazing Perron Rigot wax.


Smooth, durable, no pain, yes you heard that right no pain.
Why . . .  because  the oils used before sit around the shaft of the hair not on the skin and the movement which is very, very fast takes of the wax.  The system of wax removal is again unique and I have been teaching advanced waxing for 5 years, so every way of waxing has been seen.

Please do not be afraid.  If you have had a bad experience firstly we will talk through and secondly I will assure you that you are in safe hands.

I am super clean, use wipes and gloves never double dip . . . and know my waxing inside out outside in!  Literally no hair missed, or plucking of hairs, no strip just hot wax that works.

If you are new than you have chosen the right woman to support your new area of smoothness, don't be shy either as I have worked with woman and waxing for years.

You will feel clean fresh and never look back once you have had a wax I promise you.

It's actually a treatment, you will not clench into the bed or need a vodka before . . . a little moment of knowing I am waxing you . . . clearly hair is being taken out but nothing to stress about.
No bleeding,  no ingrown hairs . . . just a smooth operator and a happy partner awaiting.

So what are you waiting for book your wax today?