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Radio Frequency facials.

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How does a radiofrequency facial work? "Radiofrequency is all about stimulating your own collagen production. During a treatment a machine is used to heat the skin to between 38-40 degrees with radiofrequency, which feels like a hot stone face massage – you do feel heat in the skin but it's comfortable." Is there any other discomfort or downtime involved? "It takes approximately 30 minutes to treat a whole face and the only discomfort is some feeling of heat in the skin (which not everyone gets). There is no downtime – you could easily have a treatment at lunchtime and go out that evening looking amazing. What are the benefits and how long do they last? "You get an immediate tightening of the collagen fibres, so it's great to do before an event, but it also gives a long-lasting lift and increased volume. It also continues to promote collagen production over the four-six weeks following a treatment." Can radiofrequency help reduce lines and wrinkles?
Micro Current facial.
Course of 10: £650 / Monthly facial: £60
An absolutely fantastic facial. Kerry has worked with micro current for 19 years. Using micro current herself since her 30’s, it has kept her face strong, and has not had to had fillers. Strength comes from micro current. Micro current is natural to the body, but over the years weakens in the facial muscles. Woman normally see their lower face and upper eyelids drop down. These can all be strengthened with micro current. When the muscles are worked throughout the face, with current the face will slowly lift and get stronger. With a course of ten the muscles will be tight and strong. To keep the look, a maintenance facial is required every month. This should be part of your routine in life, as an excellent facial makes you feel fantastic and look wonderful to. Kerry specialises in facials, so she would also add oxygen and radio frequency if required.
This is a soft facial, where vellus hair is removed from the face. This is fantastic for woman who have a lot of facial and neck hair. The hair WILL NOT grow back thicker, as venous hair is soft and will grow back that way after 6 weeks. With Dermaplaning every facial Kerry carries out she uses an enzyme peel or chooses a peel to work with your skin. You will have layers of dead skin removed and then the choice of ampoules or specialised serums that she infuses back into your skin with an oxygen machine or heat. Your face and neck will glow. This facial should be carried out every 4-6 weeks.
Dermapen is beneficial in the treatment of: Skin tightening, natural collagen induction, lifting and rejuvenation. Healing acne scars and wounds. Improving wrinkles and fine lines. Dermapen employs the traditional Chinese technique for acupuncture only that here; the targeted result is not to reduce pain but rather to improve the skin appearance. Basically, a Dermapen has 12 needles on the very tip and these 12 needles are the ones that are used to puncture the top layer of the skin as the Dermapen glides over the area being treated. Usually, the Dermapen will be positioned vertically over the skin and when it is turned on, a motor that is found inside the pen will start making the needles to move rapidly back and forth on the skin surface creating the punctures and these needles have been created in such a way that they can rotate in a slight way. These punctures created in the process are usually aimed at opening up the pores for a period of time only. When a person hurts themselves, the skin will generally initiate skin repair by stimulating growth factors that will, in turn, lead to the generation of collagen and elastin. Therefore, when the punctures are made using the Dermapen, the skin will treat the punctures as wounds and therefore initiate healing. This means that micro-needling tend to trick the skin to produce collagen and elastin to promote ‘healing’ and the effect will be a rejuvenated skin. Dermapen is used mostly for face wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and facial lines. When one is injured and the skin forms a scar, or if they have a stretch mark the body will treat these as though that area was repaired. Therefore having the punctures created in the scar tissue will cause the skin to initiate healing and, therefore, the damaged skin will tend to get eliminated and replaced with new skin. For wrinkles and face lines, basically, the produced collagen and elastin will cause the skin to thicken and also tighten leaving the skin looking youthful.
Mina Henna Brows.
Kerry has been designing brow for 15 years. A leading distributor of brow colour. She imports from India and has a Eu regulated brow henna that sustains colour for 6-8 weeks. No more tinting, oxide and ammonia. Superb colours, long lasting. Full design with measuring, wax and pluck. 48 hours patch test.
Absolutely brilliant for lashes, where Kerry will lift your lashes with her own unique products. This lift will last for 8 weeks, they look like real lash extensions. No down time. Patch test required. With leading products from across the globe, Kerry will choose foe you what you face requires. All stock is held and you can decide on the day. These can work with your own brands, so you look your best.
Radio Frequency Courses
5 Courses for £650 / £60 Monthly

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Kerry has been a beauty therapist for 22 years. She is a level 3-4.
Her passion is skin and brows. Both she has had huge success, and has just recently studied Radio Frequency for skin.
As she is a leading distributor across the country, her product ranges are sourced and trialed. So you are safe and happy in her hands.
Kerry is 49, and. Takes great care of her skin. Every facial that she has on her list she has herself. Her facials are high tech, and her brows are excellent.
Her clinic is private, you have her undivided attention.
When booking please contact on her private number 07956 632188 or email her on info@globoutiqueacademy.