Radio Frequency, Suction and LED

Radio Frequency

This incredible machine will look after your face and body for skin tightening and toning. You will see results that will transform your clients.
Radio Frequency truly is a game changer. All of the face and neck will be treated with Radio Frequency and suction.
The reason why this facial is spectacular is that every area is tightened and healed at the same time. There is no facial that can heal as Radio Frequency does. With the heat and suction the body thinks it is being damaged, so will rush to tighten that area and produce more collagen and elastin. With instant results that just get better day after day.

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1. MULTI applications for eyes, face, hands and body.
2. FIVE modes so that you can work with lymphatic massage to deep lifting.
3. A very easy machine to use, with 2 main switches and timing. There is one tube so you do not need too worry about blockages.
4. Space saving, patented portable  and easy to carry.
5. The machine can be switched on from the heads instead of going back to computer every time.
This machine works with every facial. You can add this to Dermaplaning, Dermapen, Skin peels. If you already use Micro current, Micro dermabrasion or Hydra Dermabrasion then Radio Frequency is the answer to all your business needs.

This facial is very new to the UK, and it’s the buzz word. So become the first in your area to take RF to the next level.

Radio Frequency is one of the safest non invasive treatments that is effective but suitable for all skin colours.

Radio frequency stimulates the production of collagen and tightens the fibres in your skin.

Fantastic for skin tightening and lifting and reduces lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and great for double chins!


Display; 3.12 inch OLED Screen
Maximal Power: 90w
RF Power 40w
RF Frequency 800K Hz
Vacuum working mode: 5 Modes
Voltage  AC 220V 50/60Hz
Advantages of radio frequency skin tightening device
• Compact and patented machine case design
• User friendly interface
• Three sizes of probe for body, neck, face and eyes
• Light and convenient to use
• Use for face lifting, skin tightening, wrinkle removal and body firming
• Safe treatment, non-invasive, minimal recovery time
• Long lasting results, skin feels tighter immediately
• Comfortable treatment

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Radio Frequency

This fantastic machine is an asset to your business it can offer both face and body treatments.

Radio Frequency is one of the safest non-invasive treatments that is effective but suitable for all skin colours.  Radio frequency stimulates the production of collagen and tightens the fibres in your skin fantastic for skin tightening and lifting and reduces lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and great for double chins!

It is the perfect choice for body slimming and tightening and is great for stretch marks and laxity around the middle and improving the condition of legs.

What can it do for your Business?


Face Treatments – £45 – £60 per 45 minutes

Body Treatments – £60 – £90 for 45 minutes

10% discount with code ‘RF10’

Benefits for clients:

Fat reduction and body slimming

Face lifting and Skin tightening

Reshape & Contour body

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Radio Frequency….Perfect for any Business

Our Radio Frequency machine uses bipolar radio frequency, 650nm infrared and vacuum suction technology.

It will offer you the technology to treat:

Postnatal body reshape

Skin firming on hips, waist, thighs, legs, arms

Skin tightening, wrinkles removal on neck, chin, face and eyes

Release fatigue on body, muscles, back, shoulder and eyes


Full accredited training provided with sale of machine

Radio Frequency Anti- Ageing Facials*

*restrictions apply


  • Certificate: Medical CE, ISO13485
  • Dimension: 48cm*29cm*44cm
  • Treatment Tips: Three Types Of Probe
  • Screen:  3.12 Inch OLED Screen
  • Frequency: 800K Hz (RF)
  • Power: 90w
  • Working Mode: 5 Modes (Vacuum)
  • Function: Body Slimming And Shaping, Skin Tightening


We offer a full warranty for this machine, terms and conditions apply.

What can it do for your body?

Adding radio frequency to your treatment service can offer a very lucrative option for your business.

  • 45 minute facial  – £45 – £70
  • 45 minute body treatment – £50 – £80

Learn the fantastic procedure of these amazing machines with our fully qualified, experienced trainers who have gained fantastic results with radio frequency.

Our accredited course will allow you too launch this fantastic treatment in your business and instantly start making you incredible income!

We teach you a full radio frequency facial treatment and share the benefits on how it can be used on the body.

The price is £3000 inclusive of training, delivery and vat.

Finance available subject to status call Ideal 4 Finance on 020 3841 2820 or use this link https://ideal4finance.com/GLO

Call us on: 0208 798 0256 or Email: admin@gloacademy.co.uk