LED Light Therapy and ION Steam

LED Light Therapy and ION Steam

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Latest added advantages:

1. New feature of cold spray (using negative ion atomization technology, spraying after nanometer water molecules, hydrating and cleaning pores).

2. Added special hot compresses: (Place them on your eyes, keep your eyes open, and let the hot air directly affect the eyes to produce a moist, refreshing, and comfortable feeling.

3. Massage the corners of the eyes, orbits, and temples. This method can make the eye blood unobstructed, clear vision, good for preventing myopia and eliminating eye fatigue.)

4. Added special UV disinfection light: (to promote human body’s absorption of calcium, sterilization and disinfection).

Seven-color spectrum function introduction:


Time tunnel – light quantum cell enzyme activator High energy narrow spectrum cold light treatment by NASA


Red light: wavelength 635nm

It is suitable for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and has the function of stopping seepage, promoting the growth of granulation tissue and accelerating the healing.

Whiten skin, lighten pigmentation and improve fine lines


Blue light: wavelength of 415nm

Treatment of acne, neonatal jaundice, dispel wrinkles, calm hypnosis, desensitization, sterilization, psychological treatment. Suitable for sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin, reduce bacillus and achieve the purpose of removing acne and acne, promote the synthesis of protein and collagen, activate the skin, tighten loose skin and pregnancy lines.

Calm skin, balance oil, control oil


Yellow: 590 nm

Freckle removal, desensitization, mainly used in dermatology and beauty salons. (combined with red light to alleviate and treat allergic dermatosis has obvious curative effect, reducing spots, inhibiting melanin and eliminating spots.

Increase cell energy, break down stains, improve fine line relaxation


Green light: 560nm wavelength

Its main function is to control oil secretion, improve sensitive skin and tighten pores.

Whitening and rejuvenating, deep repair, removing yellow spots

Calcium supplement:

this machine has the function of lighting and calcium supplement. Two uvb lamps with the wavelength of 320nm are preinstalled. After irradiating human skin, the skin promotes the conversion of 7-dehydrocholesterol into cholecalciferol through photochemical reaction, which is endogenous vitamin D3 and promotes the metabolism and absorption of calcium and phosphorus.


Orange light

It penetrates deep into the skin, accelerates the metabolism of new tissues in active tissues, breaks down stains, and improves fine lines and skin sagging. Whitens skin, reduces pigmentation and improves fine lines.


Purple light

Purple light penetrates the skin to a depth of 1 ~ 2mm

It is a dual-frequency light of red light and blue light. It combines the effects of two kinds of light, especially it has excellent effects and repair effects on acne and acne

Deep beauty, collagen, replenishing skin energy

Functions :

Praised as magic light, photon dynamical instrument is a biological active cold light and does not produce high heat.


It applies low-energy and unique optical technology to skin care and treatment, natural and gentle; has prominent effects, low fatalness and no side effect.


It’s a skin nurse specialist, is fit for all kinds of skin, especially useful for seriously irritated skin, acne skin and has notable effect for those in sub healthy state to recover and do skin protection and treatment.


Photon dynamical nurse therapy is a new technology, using the photon power to do skin maintenance and treatment, transfer light energy to cell energy, then accelerate cell growth and blood circulation, stimulate fiber cells to produce collagen proteins,increase skin elasticity and take important part in rehabbing aging and acne skin, lightening flecks, skin upgrade and tighten and easing burnable skin.


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