Kerry Hoy is told daily how she inspires woman to work for themselves, take the step and start their dream jobs.
Kerry had always had the business head for success. From a very early age, she started an aerobics business without any business background or qualifications. Being driven with passion is what took her through different levels of business success and failure. Remember failure and mistakes are what makes a business grow.
With this is Mind Kerry now has 32 years of experience. She has developed training centres, lessons, importing products, designing her own brands which is alot.
Now with huge success on Instagram as a beauty and health influencer, where will she go next?
So you are in great hands. 

Why choose Kerry?

Her passion shines through, and she had now decided to only teach 1-2-1 or a limit of 2 in each class.
She will dedicated herself to you, and there after to mention you with either constantly checking you are good with the techniques or just for a good chat about business.
With her home training centre, you can park easily, lunch is made and the course is so thought through.
When you levee you can wattsap whenever you wish, ask any questions.
Kerry is only a phone call away. 
Book with Glo today, you will not be disappointed.
From a very early age Kerry set up various business ventures from fitness to a cleaning company with no business experience she learnt from the bottom to the top. There is nothing more than Kerry enjoys than inspiring people to achieve their goals. Helping and supporting so many in the beauty industry seeing them learn from her and flourish is a strength you cannot buy. With a fire in her tail and a pair of wings to fly there is nothing that this woman can’t achieve.
Kerry Hoy nominated for inspirational woman is nowhere near the title I would give her because she is so much more. Her uninterrupted dedication to her craft is so Inspiring, She has a wealth of knowledge but never stops learning, she takes all of that and teaches it to anyone who is willing to learn, she has thought me that I can do anything I set my mind to with hard work and dedication I can reach my goals. From my very first meeting of kerry she has shown me that it’s all about balance, family, health and work ethic is the secret to great life and to this day she is always there for me no matter what and everyone else who are lucky enough to call her mentor, teacher, and friend. - Ambassador for Mina.