HydraFacial Machine


  • Intelligent face recognition (swipe your face to log in)
  • Intelligent diagnosis (the system automatically analyzes the detection results)
  • Eight detection items: wrinkles, pores, discolouration, roughness, oil content, sensitivity, moisture, acne
  • 10-megapixel macro camera
  • 3 spectral imaging technology (standard white light, cross-polarized light, UV light three spectra of the skin or scalp surface layer, dermis layer, hair follicles, pores scanning detection. Especially when UV light is used for hair follicle detection can accurately determine the hair follicle Bottom level.)
  • High-resolution and high-definition diagnosis (solving customer facial problems and care)
  • 5G cloud interconnection (follow the app, enter the membership number to view the cloud detection result report)


Price: £1,850 including:
  • Training
  • Manual
  • Delivery
  • VAT


Skin peeling hand piece: Through the action of ultrasonic and high-frequency vibration, it can remove the excess oil on the skin surface and dirt.

Ultrasonic head: The macromolecule nutrients are converted into small molecules by the action of ultrasound, making the skin easier to absorb.

Frozen Head: Reduces pores and firms

Ion spray pen: replenishes skin with moisture and nutrients.

Golden Shooter: Promotes the production of collagen and collagen fibres, plays a role in rejuvenating and reducing pores, and improving fine wrinkles.

Aqua facial hand piece: cleans the skin surface and pores.

Camera detection pen: detects skin problems.


Technical parameter :

Power : 380W

Voltage : 110-240V 50-60HZ 150AV

Display : 10 inch touch screen

vacuum range : 700mmHg

spray water hand piece : 2000mmHg

skin peeling hand piece : 25KHZ

Frozen hand piece : Water & air cooling

Ultrasonic hand piece : 1-10MHZ adjustable