Skin Peel

Facial Peels are so important to your business. They fit with every facial that you already do, and literally bring the clients face alive
The skin is bright and glowing.
Unlike traditional Peels this will not leave you bright red and your skin peeling off. This will take dead skin off and leave the softest skin.
The course is £300 Inc VAT and with 1 peel. 
An excellent course, simple  and yet very effective.
Kerry teaches 121, so you will have all of her skills and knowledge.

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Training in Medical Peel

Training is a full day course covering:

  • Explanation of the system and how the peel works. Contraindications and skin knowledge .
  • Demonstration of the peel shown to students.
  • Practical work with each student carrying out a peel on one another.
  • Learn client aftercare, bookings and pricing for facials.
  • Discuss social media networking and how to promote the facial

You will have customer support on hand whenever you need it, you will be able to call to ask questions.

We provide the highest standard of service, knowledge and practice for you to gain the confidence to carry out treatments effectively.

Are there additional costs?

You would need to purchase 4TMedical products to carry out the treatment, advice will be given on the day about our recommendations.  Kits start from £100.

When and where can you train?

You will learn on a 121 basis at Kerry’s home business. It’s a really wonderful training school.

What are the benefits to you?

An average treatment price for a Facial Peel is between £50 (it may be more or less depending on your location).  So that’s not a lot of facials that you need to carry out to make back your training fee before you’re making a profit!

For more information, or to book, please contact Kerry, beauty@keriehoy.com