Glam LiftTraining in Glam Lift Lash Lift is a positive step in boosting your current business, or starting up a new business venture.  This treatment works perfectly alongside Mina Henna and Brow Lift, providing a perfect package for your customers.  

Our training course costs £299 inc VAT. and the course takes place in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Your kit is included and holds up to 20 treatments for which you will be charging from £40-£50 as they last for 8 weeks.

Small and medium shields, perm fix adesive tools to lift lashes.

Training in Glam Lift Lash Lift

Training is a half day course covering:

  • Discussion of the process and contra-indications and anatomy of the eye.
  • The products used are shown and explained.
  • Demonstration of the Glam Lift Treatment.
  • Practical work carrying out the Glam Lift Treatment.

Advice will also be given on marketing, pricing of the treatment, and case study guidance.

To gain your certificate you will need to submit 2 case studies which will need to be approved by Kerry Hoy.  You will have customer support on hand whenever you need it, you will be able to call to ask questions.


Are there additional costs?

You would need to purchase Lash Lift products to carry out the treatment, in the Glam Lift kit you get up to 20 treatments and everything that you use in the course. You will be certified the same day and then earning money the same week. All visuals will be given to you for advertising.

When and where can you train?

Our training venue is in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, with further venues opening up shortly.

For a minimum of 2 therapists we can offer on-site training.

What are the benefits to you?

An average treatment price for a Lash Lift is between £40-£50 (it may be more or less depending on your location).  So that’s not a lot of lashes that you need to lift to make back your training fee before you’re making a profit!