Kerry Hoy has worked in the industry for 22 years, watching the changes throughout those years has been truly amazing.


Her first ever machine to learn was a CACI Quantum, a challenging machine to learn from a very early age.

This is where she fell in love with skin, and from that day ( thankyou Caci) she challenged herself every day.

Kerry imports from all over the world, she researches and decides what is best for you the therapist.


Moving away from makeup for brows, which is so last year darling… to Mina Henna which she has nurtured from a box of henna to 55 Academies across the country stocking this wonderful treatment.


She only works with like minded souls, meeting Kerry will bring you joy. A truly spiritual woman, who wants all to be successful and happy every single day.


Her Academies do not just buy  from her, they are her friends. She has private pages for all her students, where they can become elites and win prizes every month for their work ethic.


Kerry motivates and encourages so many woman and men.

Building her company is through sheer passion. From no loans, no savings and no help. If Kerry has made her life work for her, so can you.

With that in mind, if you to want to use her products in your Academies please contact the team on info@minabrowhenna.com