Start your facial career now!  An advanced facial with incredible results.

AND no downtime.

This is a soft facial, where vellus hair is removed from the face. This is fantastic for woman who have a lot of facial and neck hair. The hair WILL NOT grow back thicker, as venous hair is soft and will grow back that way after 6 weeks. With Dermaplaning every facial Kerry carries out she uses an enzyme peel or chooses a peel to work with your skin. You will have layers of dead skin removed and then the choice of ampoules or specialised serums that she infuses back into your skin with an oxygen machine or heat. Your face and neck will glow. This facial should be carried out every 4-6 weeks.

The course includes:

Anatomy and Physiology, Facial Cleansing, Dermaplaning, Infusion of Collagen, and Scalp Massage.

You will receive your Anatony and Physiology before you course as well as a test on the day.

Dermaplaning is an excellent add on to your business. It has been very popular for a few years now. You really do see a smooth complexion.
You can add this to any facial, and once shown  how to work with the blade you will see how simple the facial is and how smooth the clients face looks.

What happens?

The blade is used across the face in different directions to remove valous hair. You will remove all the dirt and give the skin a small exfoliation. There is no pain, and the treatment does not take any longer than 40 minutes. A lovely facial mask would suit afterwards.
The average price of dermaplaning is £45, so your profit margin is high.
Kit included.
Your 10 blades are throw away, you will also take home practice tools so you get use to holding a blade. This facial works with every facial brand.
We do look forward to booking your 121 facial training in.
All fully accredited. 
1 day course
After the day you must go and practice and show 2 full facials.

ONLY £399 per person.