Kerry has such passion for beauty, at 49 years of age, she is in love with beauty and the industry more than ever.


Many years of working in the beauty sector, she spent 2 decades running salons, spas and managing.

Skin was her first passion, Caci Quantum was her first micro current machine. She fell in love with micro current, so worked with these machines for 10 years.

Bio Therapeutic, Lift 6 and oxygen are machines that Kerry has trained on.


She was renowned for her personal facials. Alongside facials she is very well known for brows, which happen to be one of the wonders of the world…Well, that’s Kerry’s outlook!

Then one day, it was time for Kerry to grow into a businesswoman. Import was her second quest.

A very strong creative soul was born. One that was ready for life, and everything soon  fell into place.

A very spiritual soul, always believing in Karma and angels, she has a quirky yet addictive sweet nature.

Kerry will support all around her, spend as many hours possible to make herself successful and her team.

Her love of fitness, keeps her mind clear. It  frees her, gives her strength.


She is raising money for her chosen charity Cystic Fibrosis, through running the Brighton marathon.

Her nephew has this condition, it’s crucial to raise awareness and stop this disease.

Charities for animals, sponsoring dogs for the blind and children are also a passion.

Kerry says that when she has a million she will give more and more, to support so many.

Kerry says: Always believe you can. You make your life as you wish it to be. You find what works for you in beauty. Not just to follow the pack. ~ grow slowly but, listen to others. Take as many course in business and marketing as possible. Have a great accountant and side kick for all paperwork. Be smart, be loyal. Lastly, follow your dream only and your path will lead you.